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Group 2

Kit 206632

Gen. Gen.
Husband Birth Date Birth Place Death Date Death Place Wife Marriage Date Marriage Place
4GGF 6 John McCorquodale ca. 1750 Isle of Lismore, Scotland ca. 1812 Isle of Lismore, Scotland? Mary (--?--) ca. 1770
3GGF 5 John McCorkindale (McCorquodale) 1779 Isle of Lismore, Scotland 1842 Guelph, Ontario, Canada Mary McIntyre ca. 1800 Lismore or Paisley Scotland
2GGF 4 Archibald McCorkindale 1809 (Paisley?) Scotland 1888 Guelph, Ontario, Canada Elizabeth Anderson 1840 Guelph or Fergus, Ontario, Canada
GGF 3 John McCorkindale 1841 Guelph, Ontario, Canada 1905 Guelph, Ontario, Canada Catherine Cleghorn 1865 Guelph, Ontario, Canada
GF 2 Robert Cleghorn McCorkindale 1879 Guelph, Ontario, Canada 1946 Guelph, Ontario, Canada Jessie Bell McCrae 1908 Guelph, Ontario, Canada
F 1 William Cleghorn McCorkindale 1910 Guelph, Ontario, Canada 1979 Guelph, Ontario, Canada Agnes C. Robertson 1934 Guelph, Ontario, Canada
P 0 Kit 206632
I have photos of all grandparents back to and including Archibald McCorkindale and his spouse Elizabeth Anderson. She was from Fergus, Ontario and originally from Scotland. All grandmothers are of Scottish background. John McCorkindale born in 1779 (above) may have spelled his name McCorquodale before he emigrated from Paisley, Scotland to Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He showed his occupation as blacksmith, born and christened John McCorQuodale from Achnard, Lismore, Scotland when he joined the Renfrewshire Militia, Paisley, Scotland.His pioneer homestead farm was called 'Lorne' in Paisley Block, Guelph Township. His wife Mary McIntyre died in Scotland prior to sailing to Canada on April 17, 1828 with his 4 children (eldest was Archibald).
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