McCorkle Surname Y-DNA Project

Ancestor Input Form


Use the form below if you are a participant in this study and wish to submit your ancestor data. The info you provide will be added to the website.

In the first column (Gen.), the following abbreviations are used:

  • P: A participant in the McCorkle Y-DNA Project
  • F: father
  • GF: grandfather
  • GGF: great grandfather
  • 2GGF: 2nd-great grandfather
  • etc.

Enter the McCorkle patrilineal (all-male) line of ascent. All Husbands listed should have surname McCorkle, unless you have documented evidence otherwise (e.g., an adoption, out-of-wedlock birth, etc.). For Gen(eration) P, enter the kit number of the project participant. The rest of that row remains blank to maintain privacy. Next, for Gen. F, enter the participant's father. Continue through as many generations as you have traditional research to support. All blue fields are required. Enter Private or Living, as appropriate, in any field you wish not to have displayed on the website (especially important for living persons). The "Submit Data Now" button is at the very bottom of this page.

Please enter your ancestor data below:

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Gen. Gen.
Husband Birth Date Birth Place Death Date Death Place Wife Marriage Date Marriage Place
P 0 Kit #
F 1
GF 2
2GGF 4
3GGF 5
4GGF 6
5GGF 7
6GGF 8
7GGF 9
8GGF 10
9GGF 11
10GGF 12
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